Acting Biography

American songwriter, rapper, and actor Eric Washington began acting in 2006. Eric started off as working in community theater and transitioned into creating and developing content for the masses. In 2017, Washington began to establish a name for himself by creating his material with the intent of displaying his skill set. As a versatile actor, Washington has been known to use his content to address the critical issues affecting society today, while at the same time has been sought after to utilize his charisma and skills to create more light-hearted releases. 

In 2006, Eric worked over a year with Nikki Peterson. In his time with Peterson, Eric worked on honing his Monologue, Cold Reading, Improv, and Commercial skills. After his time with Peterson, Eric worked to build his resume by performing community theatre in his hometown of Bryan, TX. However,  in 2012 Eric would continue to practice his on-screen skills via workshops in Los Angeles with Chambers Stevens. Stevens worked with Eric to hone his skills in Auditioning, Commercials, Drama, and Sitcoms. Eric continued to hone his skills with Chambers Stevens until 2016. Currently, Eric is working to create his own content to hone his on-camera skills, as well as displaying his skill set.